By: Criteo AI Lab / 25 Jan 2023

In this new year 2023, we are happy to share that Criteos have had a few papers accepted/published in top ML venues:


  • Yannis Bekri (Université Grenoble Alpes) , Sasila Ilandarideva (CREST, ENSAE & Université Grenoble Alpes) , Anatoli B. Juditsky (Université Grenoble Alpes) , (Criteo AI Lab & CREST, ENSAE). Stochastic Mirror Descent for Large-Scale Sparse Recovery

  • (Criteo AI Lab & Sorbonne Université), (Criteo AI Lab), (Criteo AI Lab), (Sorbonne Université & Criteo AI Lab). Learning from Multiple Sources for Data-to-Text and Text-to-Data.

  • (Criteo AI Lab & CREST, ENSAE), Branislav Kveton (Amazon), Sumeet Katariya (Amazon). Mixed-Effect Thompson Sampling.

  • Elvis Dohmatob (Meta AI Research), Chuan Guo (Meta AI Research), and (Criteo AI Lab). Origins of Low-Dimensional Adversarial Perturbations

ICLR 2023


  • Thibaut Issenhuth (Criteo AI Lab / École des Ponts ParisTech), Ugo Tanielian (Criteo AI Lab), Jeremie Mary (Criteo AI Lab), David Picard (IMAGINE / École des Ponts ParisTech).
    EdiBERT: a generative model for image editing

AAMAS 2023

  • Paul Daoudi∗ (Huawei), Bogdan Robu (GIPSA-Lab), Christophe Prieur (GIPSA-Lab), Ludovic Dos Santos∗ (Criteo AI Lab), Merwan Barlier∗ (Huawei). Enhancing Reinforcement Learning Agents with Local Guides.

AAAI 2023