Peer Reviewed Publications:


A Large Scale Benchmark for Uplift Modeling, E. Diemert, A. Betlei, C. Renaudin & MR. Amini, AdKDD & TargetAd Workshop, KDD 2018 (dataset)

SpectralWords: Spectral Embeddings Approach to Word Similarity Task for Large Vocabularies, I.Lobov, ICLR 2018

Learning Time/Memory-Efficient Deep Architectures with Budgeted Super Networks, T. Veniat & L. Denoyer, CVPR 2018

Multi-View Data Generation Without View Supervision,  M. Chen, L. Denoyer & T. Artières,  ICLR 2018

Siamese Cookie Embedding Networks for Cross-Device User Matching, U. Tanielian, A. Tousch & F. Vasile, WWW 2018

Offline A/B testing for recommender system, A. Gilotte, C. Calauzenes, T. Nedelec, A. Abraham & S. Dolle, WSDM 2018 (Best Paper Honorable Mention)



A Comparative Study of Counterfactual Estimators, T.Nedelec, N. Le Roux and V. Perchet, What If, What Next Workshop, NIPS 2017

Attribution Modeling Increases Efficiency of Bidding in Display Advertising, E. Diemert, J. Meynet, P. Galland & D. Lefortier, AdKDD & TargetAd Workshop, KDD 2017 (Best Paper Award Finalist)

Cost-sensitive Learning for Utility Optimization in Online Advertising Auctions, F. Vasile, D. Lefortier, & O. Chapelle, AdKDD & TargetAd Workshop, KDD 2017

Contextual Sequence Modeling for Recommendation with Recurrent Neural Networks, E. Smirnova & F. Vasile, Deep Learning Workshop, RecSys 2017

Specializing Joint Representations for the task of Product Recommendation, T. Nedelec, E. Smirnova & F. Vasile, Deep Learning Workshop, RecSys 2017

Stochastic Bandit Models for Delayed Conversions, C. Vernade, O. Cappe, V. Perchet, UAI 2017

Memorizing the Playout Policy,  T. Cazenave & E. Diemert, Computer Games Workshop, IJCAI 2017

Sparse Stochastic Bandits, J. Kwon, V. Perchet &  C.Vernade, COLT 2017

Efficient Vector Representation for Documents through Corruption, M. Chen, ICLR 2017

Tighter bounds lead to improved classifiers, N. Le Roux, ICLR 2017

Field-aware Factorization Machines in a Real-world Online Advertising System, Y. Juan, D. Lefortier and O. Chapelle, WWW 2017



Meta-Prod2Vec – Product Embeddings Using Side-Information for Recommendation, F. Vasile, E. Smirnova and A. Conneau, RecSys 2016



Cost-sensitive Learning for Bidding in Online Advertising Auctions,  F. Vasile and D. Lefortier, NIPS ML for e-Commerce 2015

Offline evaluation of response prediction in online advertising auctions, O. Chapelle, WWW, 2015



Modeling delayed feedback in display advertising, O. Chapelle, KDD, 2014

Classifier cascades and trees for minimizing feature evaluation cost, Z. Xu, M. Kusner, K. Weinberger, M. Chen, and O. Chapelle, JMLR, 15:2113–2144, 2014


Pre-Prints & Internal Reports:

A Protocol to Reduce Bias & Variance in Head-to-Head Tests, A. Boyko, Z. Harchaoui, T. Nedelec & V. Perchet, Criteo Internal Report, ID-RSC-162

Distributed SAGA: Maintaining Linear Convergence Rate with Limited Communication, C. Calauzenes & N. Le Roux, Arxiv, 2017




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